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5 Funny Vacation Stories & Mishaps
April 1, 2015 By Emily Gelato Leave a Comment
Traveling is awesome. Something about traveling makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. For a few days, a few weeks, or a few months, you feel like the most adventurous, fabulous, and impressively cultured person to step foot on this earth.
So, traveling is awesome…except when it sucks Here’s the funny thing. I don’t want to hear about your so absolutely perfect trip to Paris. What I love—what ALL people love—are the horror stories.
I’m talking about the time you fell off the tour boat in Oahu and lost your bathing suit, or the time you thought it was a good idea to rent a Vespa in Rome.
That’s why, for your entertainment and education, here are a couple of stories of travel gone wrong as told (and experienced) by some of my poor dear traveling comrades. Enjoy!

Alyssa & Crew Take on the Ocean
“On a vacation in Key West, my family rented a pontoon boat and sailed out to spend the day at a sand bar. At the end of the day, it was time to sail back and everyone piled into the front of the boat.
After a little while, we realized that the boat was moving slowly so we shut the engine off to restart and the whole boat started to tip over—like the front end was completely submerged and the motor was 3 feet out of the water. We all ran to the back, but the water just kept pouring in the front.
We all started panicking and tried to get the water out with little shot glass-sized Dixie cups. After that, we realized that the anchor had fallen off the front of the boat…and we were dragging it through miles and miles of endangered coral reef.”
Bottom Line: Disaster is a natural part of all family vacations. Just embrace it.
Why do you think the boat moved slowly and tipped over when they were sailing back?
How did they get the water off the boat?
Ben and the Unlikely Beasts
“One summer, I went on a youth group trip to Israel. A group of us were traveling on a big bus together.
One day, in Northern Israel, the bus stopped at a beach to take a break. Just as we got down to the water, a big wave came in…and brought with it lots of jellyfish. One big jelly hit a boy right across the chest as the wave crashed into him.
Almost everyone got stung.The jellyfish weren’t poisonous, but their stings burned and itched unbelievably. For the next few days, everyone had to urinate on each other to sooth the wounds. That was an embarrasing experience.”
Bottom Line: Be careful of creatures in foreign waters.
How did they feel when the jellyfish stung them?
How did they relieve the pain?

So when you’re having a dreadful vacation and you think things couldn’t POSSIBLY get worse, just remember these comforting tales and think “at least that didn’t happen to me.” More importantly, remember that even the most horrific mishap eventually makes for a wonderfully comical story.
What can you get from an awful vacation?


Allie’s First Time Flying Alone         
“I …………. (have) a softball tournament in Virginia Beach when I was in high school. The team was flying down, but we had to book separate flights. As usual, I ………………(not plan) ahead so I …………….(spend) the night before my 5 am flight packing.
My family ……………….(be) in the process of moving and everything was kind of a mess so I ………………(grab) a random bag from one of the moving boxes. The next morning at the airport, I ………………………(put) my carry-on bag on the conveyor belt and ………………… (step) through the gate…and security ……………………(pull) me quickly out of line.
Somehow, they …………………….(find) a box cutter in the bag. At 5 am, I ………… (have) to call my mother for help. In turn, she ……………..(call)  a family friend who …………… (work) at that airport to go in and straighten things out. After several hours, I was declared not a threat. But I ……………..(miss)  the flight.”
How was your trip?
Watch the video and answer the questions.
 Download it from   HERE 
Ø  Where did Dr Anderson go?_______________________________________
Ø  How was the trip?_______________________________________________
Ø  Did she visit a lot of museums?_____________________________________
Ø  Where did she eat every day?_______________________________________
Ø  What did she do at night?__________________________________________
Ø  What did she do for four days?______________________________________
Ø  Was she in London on vacation?_____________________________________
Ø  What did she do?_________________________________________________
Ø  Where did she see London from?_____________________________________
Think you can top these vacation horror stories?  Write about your worst experience on holiday. Give as many details as you can. Write some notes to organize your writing
Where?...........................................   When?.................................................................
Who with?..........................................    What happened?...................................




You can download a copy from HERE 

We are interested in your holidays.
First, practise the questions with your partner

Then take notes about your holidays and get ready to tell your partner

PRACTICE 1 – Use the information to practise asking and responding, i.e.

PRACTICE 2 – Use the information to practise asking and answering questions about things on your holiday, i.e.



Use the link to download the text
The Elves and the Shoemaker


You can download a printer-friendly file from  here

Read the story and do the activities that follow


Once upon a time there was an old fisherman who had an ambitious wife who lived in a hut near the sea.
The old fisherman once went out to sea to catch fish. He soon caught a beautiful, big carp. And, oh, marvel of marvels, the carp suddenly began to speak:
“Poor fisherman, please let me loose! I shall reward you so you won’t regret it. All your wishes shall come true because I’ll grant them.”
So at these words, the old fisherman allowed the carp to return to the sea. Then he went home, and his wife asked him: “Well, what did you catch? Did you bring something with you?”
“I caught a very beautiful carp.”
“Then why didn’t you bring the fish home?”
“The poor fellow implored me so to let him go, and then he would fulfil all our wishes.”
“Then return to him and tell him that I would like to have a comfortable house.”
They had a tiny cottage on the seashore. The fisherman walked back to the seaside. He stopped at the water’s edge and shouted: “Hallo, carp, do you hear me? My wife asks you to build us a fine little house on the seashore!”
“Go home, my good man! Your wish has already come true!”
And sure enough, when he got home, a wonderful house was standing there. His wife in the kitchen. For a while she was very happy. Yet one day his wife again said to him: “Now listen, return to that carp and tell him that I am sick of that house, let him give us a castle and make us count and countess.”
So the man again went to the seashore and shouted: “Hallo, carp, do you hear me? My wife, won’t leave me in peace!” After a while fish rose to the surface and asked: “What does your wife want now?”
“She wants a castle and asks you to make us count and countess.”
“Go home! Her wish has already come true!”
On returning home he saw a marvellous castle and his wife walking leisurely trough the rooms as a countess. “Are you satisfied at last?” asked the fisherman. His wife was happy indeed. Next morning, they were hardly awake, when the woman said: “Listen! Go back to that carp and tell him I would like to be a queen and live in a palace.”
What could the poor fisherman do? He walked sadly to the water’s edge and shouted: “Hallo, carp, do you hear me? That hussy, my wife, won’t leave me in peace.” After a while the fish emerged and asked: “What does your wife want now?”
“She wants to be a queen and live in a palace.”
“Go home! Her wish has already come true.”
On returning home, the poor man could but wonder and wonder. The marvellous palace, there were many soldiers. As the poor fisherman passed the soldiers, they all presented arms. At last, after climbing many flights of stairs and passing through many rooms, he asked his wife: “Well, woman, are you at long last happy?”
“Yes,” answered the woman happily. The next day had already begun to break when the woman said: “Listen! Return to the carp and tell him I would like to be an empress and to have such a palace and such towers as are not to be found elsewhere in this world.” She insisted so long that the poor fisherman had to return to the water’s edge. Woefully he said: “Hallo carp, do you hear me? That hussy, my wife, won’t leave me in peace.” The seawater grew turbid, its waves ran high, and it took a long time till the angry carp appeared:
“What does your wife want now?”
“Now she would like to be an empress and have such a palace and such towers as are not to be found elsewhere in this world.”
“To be sure, she has done nothing to deserve them,” said the carp, “yet go home, her wish has already come true.”
The poor man went home. He could hardly believe his eyes, such splendid palaces, towers and courtiers he saw everywhere. He asked his wife: “Now then are you happy at last, for I shall never more return to the carp!” And the woman seemed to be very happy. Yet on getting up next morning, she again told her husband: “Listen! Go back to that carp and tell him that I would like to be the ruler of the sun and the moon and to have everybody fall on his knee before me!”
In vain the poor fisherman argued and protested, he had no choice but to return. Woefully he said: “Hallo carp, do you hear me? That hussy, my wife, won’t leave me in peace.”
He had to wait there for a very long time. At one place, the sea grew turbid and, after a long, long while, the fish came to the surface.
“What does your wife want?”
“She wants to be the ruler of the sun and the moon and to have everybody fall on his knees before her.”
“ah me, “ said the fish, “if she believes she can live without work and rule over others, it is better you should again go back to your fishing. Go home, you will find her in the fisherman’s hut!”
And so it happened. The poor fisherman found there his little hut and his wife in it. From that time on she became a clever and diligent housewife. They worked hard and got on well with each other. And perhaps, if they have not died, they are still living.
Ø  Circle the correct answer

1.      What type of fish did the fisherman catch?
a.      A mackerel           b. A goldfish       c.  A carp

2.      What kind of house did the fisherman live in at the beginning of the story?
a.      A little hut   b. A cottage c. A house boat

3.      What was the first kind of house his wife wanted to live in?
a.      a brick cottage        b. a castle   c. a house

4.      Which was the wife’s second wish?
a.      travel around the world  b. a castle and titles   c. a castle and jewels

5.      What happened when the wife wanted to rule the world?
a.      the fish granted the wish            b. the fish didn’t grant the wish     c. everybody fell on his knee
before her
6.      What is the moral of the story?
a.      Be thankful for what you have     b. There is no such thing as a magic fish 
  c. It’s good to be greedy

Ø  Now answer these questions

1.What happened at the beginning of the story that surprised the fisherman?
2. Why did the wife get mad at her husband when he told her about the talking fish?
3. Why did she keep asking her husband to go back to the fish?
4. What happened at the end of the story?



Ø  Complete the fable below using the verbs in brackets in the Simple Past
A certain man ___________________ (HAVE) several sons. They___________________ (BE) always quarrelling with one another. He ___________________ (TRY) but he ___________________ (NOT CAN) get them to live together in harmony. So he___________________ (DECIDE) to convince them of their folly by the following means. First, he ___________________ (TELL) them to fetch a bundle of sticks. Then he ___________________ (INVITE) each in turn to break it across his knee. All ___________________ (TRY) and all ___________________ (FAIL). Finally, he ___________________ (UNDO) the bundle, and ___________________ (HAND) them the sticks one by one, they ___________________ (NOT HAVE) difficulty at all in breaking them. "There, my boys," said he, "united you will be more than a match for your enemies: but if you quarrel and separate, your weakness will put you at the mercy of those who attack you."

-          Union is strength.


Ø  Complete the story below with connectors. Add commas where necessary.
The Ant and the Dove
An ant walked by a fountain and he decided to take a closer look. ______________ (Then / Suddenly), he fell into the water and he could not swim. ______________ (First / Then) a dove which was flying pass saw the ant. He picked off one leaf. ______________  (Then / After that) he dropped it into the water. The ant got on the leaf and he was saved
____________ (Then/ First) the next day the dove got caught in a net by a hunter. ___________ (Suddenly / Next) the ant crawled up the hunter’s leg and bit him. ______________ (Next / Finally) the hunter cried out and let the dove go

If something happens  suddenly, it happens quickly and unexpectedly
E.g. She was getting ready to prepare dinner. Suddenly, she saw a mouse in the kitchen



The Rainbow Fish
Watch the video at  this  link and do the activities below

Ø  Choose the correct option to complete the sentences
1-At the beginning of the story, the rainbow fish was ….
a.    friendly         b. proud              c. generous
2-The blue fish wanted ……
a.    every rainbow fish’s scale  b. one scale       c. a red scale
3-The rainbow fish ….
a.    played with the little fish    b. smiled at him                               c. ignored him
4-After the little fish told everyone what had happened,  ………  wanted to play with the rainbow fish
a.    everyone                   b. nobody           c. some of the fishes
5-The rainbow fish felt…………..
a.    happy                          b. afraid                              c. lonely
6-The octopus told him ………………
a.    to share his scales with others                        
b.   to stay lonely at the bottom of the sea
c.    to keep all his scales
7-When the blue fish came back, the rainbow fish …………..
a.    gave him a big scale         b. give him a small scale            c.didn’t give him anything
8-After that, the rainbow fish …………………………..
a.    swam away from the fishes         b. gave everyone a scale                      c. hid in a cave
9-Finally, the rainbow fish ..........................
a.    had a lot of scales                   b. didn’t have any scales               c. had only one scale
10-The rainbow ………………………………..
a.    was angry                   b. was happy                     c. felt lonely

Ø  Give the fable a moral


Have you read “The Fisherman and His Wife”?  You are going to write a fable about an animal that can grant wishes
Get ready !!
Complete the chart with information about your story. Then, write a list of four wishes. Give your story a moral

Who? ___________________________________________________________________________________
What? ___________________________________________________________________________________
Where? ___________________________________________________________________________________
When? ___________________________________________________________________________________
1 ______________________________________      2 _____________________________________
3 ______________________________________      4 _____________________________________

Now write your fable (100-120 words). Use connectors to make your story easy to read.
Remember that fables teach a lesson!!